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Awarding and renewing licences


From 1995 to 1999 the physicians that were 56 years old or older obtained a permanent licence to practice medicine. For everybody else the 7 years licensing period was introduced. 

Since the year 2000 every physician, that wants to practice medical profession in Slovenia, must:

  • have the appropriate qualifications and level of training and
  • be entered in the register of physicians and
  • hold a license to independently perform medical services in a specific field of expertise.


Re-licensing and Continuous medical education (CME)

CME credits are awarded by the Medical Chamber. To extend a licence, physicians must:

  • obtain 75 credits in the 7-year period. The credits must be obtained from the field of his speciality and
  • must work as a physician at least part-time; if he does not, he may have to take an exam.

Obtaining the CME

CME includes:

  • Active or passive participation at a medical meeting, conference, or a workshop
  • Publications in medical journal or book
  • E-learning with Q/A exams
  • Study visits, study travel
  • Medical malpractice reporting system
  • M&M conferences

Number of awarded credits

  • Active or passive participation at the medical meeting, conference, or a workshop - 1 credit/hour
  • Publishing in medical journal or book - up to 4 credits
  • E-learning with Q/A exams - 0.1 credit per question
  • Study visits, study travel - 2 credits/day
  • Medical malpractice reporting system - 0.5 credits/report
  • M&M conferences – 1 credit/conference

Dear educational events organizers

We kindly invite the organizers of professional meetings to submit a proposal for the evaluation of professional content and obtaining CME credits.

Proposal for the evaluation of professional content

Organizers can submit the proposal through the app Licenčnik.

To obtain the password for initial registration please contact Mrs. Mojca Urana:


General instructions can be found at the following link: navodila.

The app Licenčnik supports full on-line management of the event organization.


For additional information please follow the link or contact Podpora.