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Welcome to Ljubljana







Medical Chamber of Slovenia together with its almost twelve hundred members is proud and honoured to host the CPME spring conference 2024. We strongly believe that our beautiful city coupled with our hospitality is the right venue for important CPME discussion on the present and future of medical profession and healthcare.
Changing society and epidemiology of many disease together with advances in medicine represent challenges in medical profession that haven't been seen in our careers. Standing together to represent and protect the values of our profession has become of utmost importance. We hope that the conference in Ljubljana will be another step forward in our endeavorment.  

prof. dr. Bojana Beović, dr. med.

The President of the Medical Chamber


More about CPME


The Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) represents national medical associations across Europe. We are committed to contributing the medical profession’s point of view to EU institutions and European policy-making through pro-active cooperation on a wide range of health and healthcare related issues. 

  • We believe the best possible quality of health and access to healthcare should be a reality for everyone. 
  • We see the patient-doctor relationship as fundamental in achieving these objectives. 
  • We are committed to interdisciplinary cooperation among doctors and with other health professions.
  • We strongly advocate a ‘health in all policies’ approach to encourage cross-sectorial awareness for and action on the determinants of health. 


Welcome to Ljubljana

Grand hotel Union Ljubljana

Event will take place in Gradn Hotel Union in Ljubljana (Link >>>)


Transfers to/from the airport

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is located 26 kilometres to Ljubljana (20 minutes by road).

Shuttle transfers: GoOpti, Nomago, MNJ Shuttle, Markun Shuttle, ZUP prevozi.

Taxi: Taxi services are available in front of the airport building. 

Rent-a-car: consult the list of rent-a-car service providers at the airport.

Regular bus route: A regular bus route connects the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport and the Ljubljana Central Bus Station (bus stop no. 28).

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